To date, CEET AUTOMATION can boast, among its many commitments, the provision of its services to the following customers:

  • AGUSTA factories, for which a control system has been set up for the production and warehousing warehouses;
  • FISIA factories of Giugliano, Tufino, Caivano, Santa Maria C.V., Battipaglia, Casalduni and Pianodardine for which a centralized wireless video surveillance system was created for the surveillance service and a fire detection system;
  • Local offices of the ASL of Benevento, for which an access control and video surveillance system has been set up;
  • DEPOSIT OF CONTRACTORS, for which an anti-intrusion system and centralized video surveillance system has been set up;
  • Municipality of Benevento, for which a video surveillance system has been implemented;
  • University of Sannio, for which a video surveillance and anti-intrusion system has been created;
  • Strega Alberti, for which the video surveillance system has been reset;
  • Court of Benevento, for which the video surveillance system was restored and integrated;
  • Experimental plant of Villacidro (CA), for which the video surveillance system was carried out;

Moreover, our company has been responsible for the realization of the electrical control and command panels for the railway stations of ARDARA and PLOAGHE in Sardegna, for PONTEDECIMO in Lombardy, for the Telecom in the stations of FOGGIA, SALERNO and CASERTA, etc. the collaboration with the FISIA ITALIMPIANTI group IMPREGILO. With the latter CEET AUTOMATION has collaborated for a period of six years, providing for all seven plants in Campania, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of electrical systems, as well as consulting, planning and maintenance on automation and control systems and measurement and data acquisition systems. In particular with the long-term collaboration with FISIA and with the current STIRs, it has developed an excellent knowledge of the program (loaded on PLCs S7-300 and S7-400) and of the control system of the following machines:

  • Press of the MAC PRESS
  • CROSS WRAP film maker
  • Shredders of the NIRO
  • Bridge cranes of the ETS
  • Bridge cranes of MICHIELOTTO
  • Water treatment of BONO ARTES
  • Revolting piles of the VKW
  • Stationary press of the ASWS
  • Supervision system (SCADA) CUBE of ORSI-SIEMENS
  • Supervision system (SCADA) WinCC of SIEMENS
  • Supervision system (SCADA) InTouch from WONDERWAR

On specific FISIA these programs have been modified and revised, in order to comply with new work requirements. In addition, continuous measurement and data acquisition systems for pressure monitoring in processing sheds, continuous measurement and data acquisition systems for monitoring the flow of air drawn in from the warehouses and filtered through biofilters have been carried out for the same company , continuous measurement and data acquisition systems for monitoring crane weighing data, systems for measuring the amount of water exiting the washing towers, a system for monitoring the quantities of water treated in each cycle of a system water treatment system, a water quality monitoring system in a water treatment system, automatic reset systems, remotely controlled via GSM, medium voltage switches and air intake fans from the sheds, systems for anti-collision of the overhead crane with the control cabin, festoon feeding systems for the al imitation of the TRIPPER trolley for localized waste disposal, etc.
In collaboration with STADLER ANLAGENBAU GMBH Spa, the expansion of the ECOLOGICA BRUSCINO plant in NOLA was carried out, in order to allow the automatic selection of the plastic color, in this work the fundamental task of CEET AUTOMATION was that of assemble the electrical control panels and realize the automation and the supervision system.