Our company deals with the design of control systems for industrial automation, with the possibility of providing a specialized service in process control, programmable logic, CNC machines, programming of PLC systems with the help of the latest techniques programming.

An accurate technical planning phase is the prerequisite for the production of a product with high quality and productivity characteristics. In this phase, technologically advanced tools are used in order to guarantee the customer the highest degree of satisfaction of the requested product.

The main activities of our company can be summarized as follows:

  • Design of supervision and control systems;
  • Design of civil and industrial systems, using the latest domotics and building automation techniques;
  • Design of data acquisition systems;
  • Design of anti-intrusion systems, fire detection and TVCC systems;
  • Design of control panels and energy distribution;
  • Design of Hardware systems and software writing able to solve specific needs, both on automation and on data transmission;
  • Design of data distribution systems and local networks;
  • Design of photovoltaic systems;